Beyond the Growth Compass: Aligning the German Economy to the Doughnut Model to Ensure a Sustainable, Healthy, and Livable Future for All

Munich, Germany | June 25, 2020 | Analysis Article

Based on international scientific evidence from the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), we are in a Climate Crisis with active irreversible climate tipping points, such as tundra, permafrost and drift ice decline in the Arctic and large-scale destruction of tropical rainforests in the Amazon basin and Indonesia (IPCC 2018; Lenton et al. 2019; University of Exeter 2019). Before humanity has completely used up its C02 budget (which is currently still compatible with human life), all climate tipping points are activated and a “point of no return” is reached, we have a maximum of 10 years left in which a substantial change with a significant reduction in our CO2 emissions is necessary to achieve climate neutrality (IPCC 2018; Lenton et al. 2019). The question of this article is which economic model could be applied to align the environmental demands with the world’s and specifically Germany’s economic ambitions.

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